One of the problems of being a child of a photographer is that you are unfortunately always around whenever mom needs to try something new.  Yes, it’s true, my boys have been photographed way too much and can no longer crack a genuine smile.  And, yes, whenever the camera comes out they practice their entire freak-show face making repertoire for me!  Granted, deep down, I can tell that their goofy little expressions will still be tugging at my heart strings 20 years down the line regardless of all the chaos they create during the moment!

Last week, we set out on one of those beautiful sun-shiny days to track down a field of arctic lupine (one of the reasons I think I moved to Alaska:) and to go on a little hike to the Winner Creek Gorge.  One stubbed toenail, a skinned elbow and a bloody knee later, we returned from the gorge and cruised on over to Chair Five for some much needed pizza.  After our day long adventure I was blessed with two little pint sized sleepers snoring happily all the way home.



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Summer flowers are in full bloom right now everywhere you look!  Geraniums, bunch-berry, prickly rose, bluebells and lupine.  Catch them while you can!    Look for a summer portrait session bonus to hit your mailboxes early next week.

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  1. Monica Wilkinson

    These little ones are adorable and of course the scenery is breathtaking!!

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