My long time neighbor and friend and her cuter than cute pup named Darby graciously agreed to trek through Kincaid with me a few weeks back.  I was on a quest to get a few shots of the wild geraniums before they were lost to the end of summer.

Darby was unbelievably well behaved while I clicked away and tried to blast him with more and more light.  His black fur was sucking the living daylights out of everything I shined onto him!

My favorite shot of the day probably makes no sense to anyone else looking at it, but right as we were finishing up, Darby closed his eyes and sniffed at a flower.  It totally reflected his personality and was the sweetest moment.  Unfortunately, though, it didn’t translate well in the photo.  He just looks like another dog with his eyes closed!   You can’t actually tell that it was a flower he was supposed to be sniffing.  I threw it in anyway, though, because the thought of it makes me giggle!

Thanks you two for being the best neighbors ever!




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