My new monitor is here and I’m back in action! ¬†Time to catch up on a few posts. First come the seniors–Congratulations 2012 Grads!¬† There were so many beautiful fall days that we tracked down this year. Here are a few from three different seniors.

McCall Senior Portrait Photographer, Melissa ShelbyDestefano-018.jpgDestefano-076.jpgWEBRES-CAMPBELL2-031.jpgMcCall Senior Portrait Photographer, Melissa ShelbyWEBRES-CAMPBELL2-002.jpgREED-036.jpgFULLRES-REED-183.jpg5X7-REED-195-2.jpgBLACK-033.jpgSenior Portrait Photograph by Melissa ShelbyBLACK-062.jpg


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