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NOTICE: Not currently accepting new clients for weddings, family sessions or reunions.  Past client feel free to contact me for availability!


SOLIDS: Start with solid colors (but don’t leave out a little print or plaid!) Prints can add a lot of dimension. Sprinkle them in between the solids for a couple of family members or add them as accent pieces in scarves or wraps.

LONG SLEEVES: Long sleeves always work best especially for cropping in tight for head-shots and yearbook photos. Are they always practical on a hot summer day? No! You can use your best judgement. Small children tend to do much better with sleeveless dresses and tank tops than adults do.

LAYERS: Layers add texture and dimension to your otherwise flat 2D photographs! Bring scarves, vests, jackets, necklaces or anything you would like which can add a little depth to your photo.

COLOR COMBINATIONS: Tones! Rather than putting everyone in one color like black or white, your photographs can be much more dynamic if you choose a particular tone — light, medium, or dark — and have everyone aim for that. I adore Medium tones, especially in the fall but families with young children tend to look adorable in light tones during the summer — think pastels. It can be helpful to pick about 3 colors within a certain tone or shade and have everyone go from there. To give you a better visual cue, I created a Pinterest Gallery of some family portrait color combos.

PROPS: I typically don’t use many props because they tend to quickly date your photos. Some props that can help with a session, however, include blankets and colorful throws. These work especially well with small children and having a favorite toy, book or stuffed animal can have the added bonus of calming a child during the session. If you have a prop in mind or a specific theme you would like to base your session around, be sure to mention it upon scheduling.


Outdoor sessions work best in the early hours of the morning or late afternoon/evening just before sunset.  I typically have very few evening sessions available so plan ahead if you want to meet a deadline. Weekend sessions are occasionally available if you are able to plan way in advance.

To request or schedule a portrait session please click on the “CONTACT” tab or click here to fill out the Photography Inquiry.



a) The Session Fee covers a session of approximately 1 hour but could last up to 2 hours depending upon the type of session. Up to five family members are included in the standard fee. Session types such as senior sessions and newborns will typically take much longer while head-shot sessions will be much shorter. In some instances a seasonal bundled package with altered session fees are available.

b) Approximately 25-50 images will be presented to you in a private password protected gallery.

c) Payment of your session fee reserves your scheduled date. The session fee is non-refundable but we will gladly work with you to reschedule due to unforeseen circumstances.



Some level of Digital Files are now included with every print purchase. For basic packages, they start with the Low Resolution File and go up from there based on quantity purchased. Digital files definitions are included below:

Low-Resolution Files (also known as Web-Resolution Files) which are great for sharing electronically via email or facebook but which do not print well or enlarge. A print release is typically not included with Low Res files. Some packages which include all the proofed image from your session, might include a studio watermark on your low resolution file as well.

Medium-Resolution Files include a print release and may be printed up to sizes 8×12. In some cases a print release for printing up to 11×14’s are included.

Full-Resolution Files (also known as High Resolution) are the best digital file available from an image. In the past I provided high resolution files but have recently switched to more size specific files based upon print orders. Editing and printing a 5×7 varies so greatly from editing and printing a 30×40 canvas gallery wrap that high resolution files are now reserved as bonuses for purchases of a 16×20 or larger print or canvas.



Images will be available approximately two weeks after your session.  They will be available for viewing for up to a week in an online ordering site.  You may extend your ordering time frame through additional payment or you may have an in person ordering session.