Whoa Nelly!  Someone broke into my website and created all sorts of havoc!  It apparently started back in October and since then I’ve been getting random reports of friends not being able to access my site.  Finally over Christmas the “evil doers” changed my login to the blog and my sites became dead in their tracks.  Several hours and a lot of sweating later, we are finally back up and running!  

There were already some big changes on the horizon so I just took this setback, I mean opportunity, to implement a few upgrades.  The first thing you’ll notice is that things look a little different around here.  I lost all my customization in the recent hullabuloo so I had to start from scratch.  I’m pretty excited with the way things have turned out although there are a few bugs here or there that need some work.  The second big change is that my photoblog is now located at my main site:  www.melissashelby.com.  If you are trying to find the galleries, you can easily click on the menu link on the blog or go directly to their new site at www.melissashelby.com/gallery.

Hope you find the new layout easier to use!  Happy New Year!

Dec 31, 2008
Written by Mel

My husband Dave has been in Afghanistan recently and upon his return he will be attending a military university down south.  Because of this we’ve had the opportunity to spend a year visiting the grandparents in Alabama. The boys and I are currently enjoying the unbelievable heat and the great times spent with family.  After a year of sweltering temperatures, however, I am sure we will be glad to return to our friends and the wilds of Alaska.  Our planned return is for July 2009.  Until then, I will not be able to photograph any weddings, portraits, or events but I look forward to jumping back into things full swing next summer!  

During our stay, I have my plate full with incredible photography seminars and workshops throughout the southeast United States.  In addition, I’ve been fortunate enough to assist a Birmingham based photography studio with several weddings that will continue on through the summer.   Mark Lawley & Associates Wedding Photography have provided this incredible opportunity for me.  If you are in the southeast and are planning a wedding check out their website at www.marklawleyphotography.com. 

More posts will be coming soon as I slowly work my way through my transition from Windows to Mac.  Ay!

Jun 06, 2008
Written by Mel

So I’ve finally joined the 21st century and started a blog! I am sure that I won’t be great at keeping it up to date but I’m aching to give it a try! Let’s see how I do…

Jul 01, 2007
Written by Mel