Melissa Shelby, Phographer


I’ve been working as a photographer for as long as I can remember.
My first job was as a contract photographer for races and frat parties way down south at Auburn University.  Yes, you read that right! Alabama.
I still remember the training we received before they pushed us out the door:  “For two people shoot vertical, for 3 people shoot horizontal”. 
There was liquid paper on my lens marking the distance of 5 feet and everything else was “f8 and be there”.
After a few decades of criss-crossing the continent for other types of work, I found myself right back in the thick of photography. 
I’ve been taking photos in one way, shape or form ever since.
Through my photography you can probably tell I’m a bit obsessed with color – sharp, clear, vibrant color.  
The place I find all that color is in the woods, or by the lake, or on top of a mountain. 
The great wild, rugged expanse known as Idaho is now my home. It makes for an amazing backdrop for any photo.